April 29th St Joseph- St Thomas Fashion show dinner was a huge success !!!

Wow-250  guests came out to support the Fashion show. This is a testiment to Staten Islanders and their support for the community and school. I think Maria Shillaci has great fundraising skills and she and her staff did a FANTASTIC job!

April 30th Friday Battleground Country Club , Manalapan,NJ to the public

4/30 / Friday http://www.battlegroundcc.com/

9:00 show

Opening act Ted Daniels.

Jpz on 9:30 Fun Food , drinks and appetizers.Call 732 462 7575

or http://www.battlegroundcc.com/default.aspx?p=.NET_ArticleView&tview=0&plugid=462940&ssid=&qfilter=RSC14291&itemID=236840

April 25th Pop Warner Fundraiser

Great turnout to support Pop Warner and the cheerleaders. Over 100 people and of course the oldest man in the room was the Human Dummy.

Comedy Show for the 120th Anniversary of the Elberon Fire Department

Great crowd and show..

Fireman are one of the best! audiences.

Fun Night at Caesars Paradise Stream Resort ,PA

Great show for a very rainy night in PA
On the show was
Steve Marshall ( Worlds best crowd motivator I have ever met)
Chris Rich
Jeff the Fat Rat bastard
Paul Lyons
and Myself

Here is a picture of a great couple,been married twelve years.
You are wondering why they are a honeymoon resort ?

She just got home from doing tours in Hati,Iraq etc.
I was happy to see and meet this couple.

They are Real Americans and hero’s Bravo!!!

John Pizzi , Bayville,NY High School Fundraiser

Fun show tonight and large crowd as well.
It was great to meet Tom’s wife and to see  Great comedian Buddy Fitzpatrick who opened the show to with his charismatic comedy and funny relationship material.
Next up was a old friend Comedian Dan Wilson, who I had not seen in a long time. And just like the past , he killed with his humor on weight and thoughts on life. Another one of the great acts from Tom Ingegno of Omnipop Talent.

Tom Ingegno is a real person in the entertainment business. There are a lot of ego’s in the sea of comedy and I must say that Tom is not one of them. WYSIWYG Tom is as real as they come. Great guy and wonderful wifes. thanks for the gig !! jpz

April 10th Saddlebrook comedy nite Fire Dept Fundraiser. Huge Success !

Sold out comedy show with Rich Rameriz and John Pizzi

The human dummy was a 85 year old man who was more healthy than men half his age including myself. Great time for all..

Police Dinner Retirement party – Jersey City April 09.10

New York and New Jersey’s finest on hand to celebrate their years of service. Three Retirees Bill Cullinane, Ezio Scerbo and Kevin O’Connell. See group shot.

The best Comedy Show in the Bronx-April 8th- Sold out

Pompeii Lounge 3133 East Tremont Ave, Bronx,NY

LMFAO Comedy Thursday
“The best Comedy Show in the Bronx” Hosted by Rich Ramirez with  Freddie Ricks,Eric Nieves, and Ventriloquist John Pizzi. Great show and great crowd – Latino’s know how to laugh-

Q: If a white man in a white car is white power,
and a black man in a black car is black power,
what do you call a mexican and a puerto rican in a red mustang
A: grand theft auto!

Just kidding – I love these people. They actually paid me in food stamps… I know ..stop it ..please your killing ,me.

Seriously -Beautiful people who know how to let go , laugh  and not to take life too serious.

Make it Al Dente Comedy Night with John Pizzi -SOLD OUT

Thanks to Chef Anthony’s of “Make it Al Dente’s” great food and a nasty puppet show the night was sold out.

Good food and fun entertainment!   http://www.makeitaldente.com

Here are pictures of the audience and one with me and chef Anthony.