Make it Al Dente Comedy Night with John Pizzi -SOLD OUT

Thanks to Chef Anthony’s of “Make it Al Dente’s” great food and a nasty puppet show the night was sold out.

Good food and fun entertainment!

Here are pictures of the audience and one with me and chef Anthony.

John Pizzi -Fundraising ! Say it’s not so-

Did a gig tonight  for the Holmdel, NJ Soccer team Spring  Fundraiser.

First there was eight inches of snow.. So we are far from spring. The only spring I had was in my foot from the car to the venue so I would not freeze.

To my amazement in difficult weather all the people showed up, got abused by all three dummies and drank and ate the nite away.

The only balls these soccer player will be kicking is their own tomorrow when they wake up with hangovers. lol

They were all a blast and I couldn’t ask for a better fun crowd to interact with on a cold snowy night.

See pictures below…