Crossing the Line Show Taping

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Show Times


Happy Holidays

Ringwood PBA -John Pizzi, Vic Dibetetto and Jeff Norris

June 19,2010 John Starks Fundraiser Performing Close up magic -ooooh!

John Pizzi and Smiley on ” Let’s Talk with Gary Gellman “

Let’s Talk with Gary Gellman”  show was a lot of fun to be a part of. Gary has excellent skills as host and a all around nice guy. Gary also is one of the country’s premier photographer, videographer and graphic design companies .

See his show on Fios or you can stream his show(s) at:


Comedy show April 8th in Da Bronx Sold out

Pompeii Lounge   3133 East Tremont Ave, Bronx,

LMFAO Comedy Thursday
“The best Comedy Show in the Bronx” Hosted by Rich Ramirez with  Freddie Ricks,Eric Nieves, and Ventriloquist John Pizzi.

Great show and great crowd and Latino’s know how to laugh!

April 18, 2010 Comedy show for Hunters of New Jersey


Deer eating is common place for these hunters and their families Look at this menu

. I had to do the old HennyYoungman joke

“My mother-law is a little Deer, I wish it was hunting season ”


This was a fun night with a larger purpose.  Hundreds of supportive people including politicians  and local business men and women came out support a great cause. I was happy to be part of a organisation that I know it counts in many children’s lives.

As you know Andy has no Parents awwwh

It was a beautiful theater  -But hot.. No Air conditioning. I was sweating like Jay Leno at 10:00pm

Here is a picture of  Henry Kwartler and Joey Kola just before they walked on stage to start the show.

I closed the show and any one that knows Joey Kola, knows he is a great act and strong headliner. He of coursed killed.

Thanks to all who came out to support this cause!

Here is the photo’s of the dressing room and meals
Ahh the life of a comedian!

April 30th -Battleground show was a blast!

Great way to close out April.
Large crowd of varied people from Indian Doctors to young guido’s . I love the diversity. All had thick skins and took Andy’s unforgiving comments well.

I would also like to thank the Brillant Peter Grandich of and for stopping by and bringing his close  friend and Football great  Joe Klecko from the NY Jets.  Joe was once a Human Dummy for me and I think he secretly wanted to see one else take the abuse.

I also have the pleasure of seeing long time no see childhood friend Sal Marino from Brooklyn, NY . We were brought up there in the 70’s. That’s 1970’s.  And Friends from Staten Island. Thanks for coming.

Thank you all for supporting Live Comedy,

and thanks to my opening Act Ted Daniels. Nice guy and great clean comedy.