April 30th -Battleground show was a blast!

Great way to close out April.
Large crowd of varied people from Indian Doctors to young guido’s . I love the diversity. All had thick skins and took Andy’s unforgiving comments well.

I would also like to thank the Brillant Peter Grandich of  http://www.grandich.com/ and http://www.trinityfsem.com/ for stopping by and bringing his close  friend and Football great  Joe Klecko from the NY Jets.  Joe was once a Human Dummy for me and I think he secretly wanted to see one else take the abuse.

I also have the pleasure of seeing long time no see childhood friend Sal Marino from Brooklyn, NY . We were brought up there in the 70’s. That’s 1970’s.  And Friends from Staten Island. Thanks for coming.

Thank you all for supporting Live Comedy,

and thanks to my opening Act Ted Daniels. Nice guy and great clean comedy.



Make it Al Dente Comedy Night with John Pizzi -SOLD OUT

Thanks to Chef Anthony’s of “Make it Al Dente’s” great food and a nasty puppet show the night was sold out.

Good food and fun entertainment!   http://www.makeitaldente.com

Here are pictures of the audience and one with me and chef Anthony.

Sold out Show at the “Looney Bin Comedy club, Staten Island,NY 3/27/10

Wow!! I happy to see all Staten Island getting some laughs on a Saturday night. There was not a open seat in the whole club. Great nite of laughs. Hope you all had as good a time as I had. I can’t believe this is my job!

Thanks to all who bought Andy dolls  And I appreciate all who came over to me and said hello at the end of the show.

Here are the picture of all of you ……………..  Remember – Hold on to these pictures  ,,,and someday……..They will be worthless ..lol